Agent Higgs

Help the Higgs Boson escape from scientists! It's particle physics in a way you've never experienced it before. Now available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Real Puzzles


Over 150 addicting and mind-bending levels. From easy to diabolical, there is a challenge right for everyone.

Real Particles


The building blocks of this game are the real fundamental particles of our universe. All three generations of matter, from electrons to tau particles.

Real Physics


The particles in the game interact in the ways they should. From attraction and repulsion to annihilation and decay.

Easy to Play


No background in physics is required! The game shows you everything you need to know.

New Level Editor


If you are still hankering for more levels, why not make your own? Challenge yourself, challenge your friends.

Latest Updates

  • June 2012: Game released. Yay!
  • August 2012: Higgs field levels released
  • October 2012: Level editor added

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