Agent Higgs: Chapter 1

Agent Higgs is on the run! After eluding scientists for years, the Higgs particle is about to face his toughest challenge: a multibillion dollar particle accelerator. A truly fearsome weapon, it is almost sure to reveal him to the world. Agent Higgs needs your help!

In Chapter 1, Higgs has to use the first generation leptons (aka electrons and electron neutrinos) to solve increasingly challenging puzzles. Deal with electromagnetism and antimatter. Can you outwit the scientists and hide Agent Higgs?

The full game, on iPhone, has over 100 levels, all three generations of matter, and a whole lot more physics. Particle decays, neutrino oscillations, you name it. Check out the iPhone game here.


Click and swipe to move particles sailing across the screen. (You can't move Agent Higgs, or crates.) Try to cover up Higgs with another particle to keep him hidden.


June 2012: Released! Yay!

February 2013: Level Editor Added (to match with the *new* Chapter 2)

June 2013: Added in Shared Levels -- play levels that other users have made!


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