Velocity Raptor

Velocity Raptor must travel near the speed of light to save the world!

Have you ever wondered what happens near the speed of light? What this "relativity" is that everyone is talking about? Well, leave your textbooks at home, because today you'll experience the real thing!

This is a place where objects shrink before your eyes, colors shift across the spectrum, and bullets travel in strange paths.

Confused yet? Good. Then you're well on your way...


Use the arrow keys (or asdw) to move your raptor around the screen. Hold 'Shift' to walk slowly, and press 'Spacebar' to stop. Simple, right?


December 2011: Released! Yay!

February 2012: 'Improved' the 'graphics'

May 2012: Fixed a physics error. (Yikes!) It's all good now!

October 2012: Later levels changed to cut down on frustration ;)


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