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Filter Mayhem

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2022 3:28 pm
by BKahn
If You Want To Play The Level The Code Is Right Here: 0v293e3j3k3132393c393k3p1q243f3e173k0w3k3f3l33380w3k38351e1e1e0w3p033f3l0w3k1w0g0v35340w393k1q1h181h1o183a181h1j18161k1h1h16181h1k181g1h1h1g181h1l01181h1w060w0n0a1g1h1h1i1n181h1h181v160w0a0133184w0j00381w0s041h1g1h1h371w0h1w08001g2w0h0f1a1h1h1g1o181h1i181h2u1h181l1k18] Atleast I Think So... As Long As It Has 5 Question Marks When You Load It, Along With 1 Electron Gun 1 Muon Gun And 4 Filters.