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Re: This weird level I made

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:28 pm
by A Random Player
testtubegames wrote:
A Random Player wrote:
testtubegames wrote: 11! (For diagonal 2, just to be clear) I think we're getting close on that one... we're at least within 10 moves of perfect.
I got 11 too! I think this is the perfect.
Edit: If I may add this:

Code: Select all

[Diagonal 3:0:taaadazhadddaazzaamaaaztdaatadazadadadamaaamaaaasddaadda]
I got.. 152 :oops: Electrons everywhere, which force you to backtrack a lot after unblocking this electron, just to unblock that electron, to move that neutrino...
I think perfect is around 100 or so.
Ack! These 'diagonal' levels are really intimidating. I managed to get it going pretty fast, though... with 114 moves, and now 56 moves.
I suppose a better name could be "Anti-neutrino world" ;)