A few questions (hammers, lightning and secrets)

An upcoming game about Electricity, Magnetism, and Cephalopods
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James Gryphon
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A few questions (hammers, lightning and secrets)

Post by James Gryphon » Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:39 am

Bought the full version of Electric Shocktopus over the holidays and played through it; loads of fun! I do have a few questions now, though:

1) Do the lightning-hammers on the walls have any gameplay effects? In the editor they're listed in the "Basic" section, not as Decor, but I haven't noticed whether they do anything special.
2) The Electric Shocktopus is shown generating a powerful electric field, so strong that there's visible lightning and that wooden crates and portraits he touches are instantly destroyed on collision, and we see the Magnetic Yeti run away from him in the opening scene. I assume this is an ability similar to but stronger than the power of an electric eel or ray. Hypothetically, if the Shocktopus were to touch someone (such as the Yeti, Tux, or Italian plumbers) while charged, is it safe to assume they'd be toast?
3) The bonus playable characters are a really cool idea and a fun feature for TestTube fans. That said, their sprites, especially Velocity Raptor's, are significantly larger than Shocktopus', while having the same hitbox, which is kinda confusing. They also don't have wall-stick animations. This obviously isn't a priority but I wondered if there's a chance of revised graphics for them eventually. Additionally, it occurred to me that although the character and the overall look of the game change, the music stays the same. It'd be really neat if the tracks from their games could be included.

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Re: A few questions (hammers, lightning and secrets)

Post by testtubegames » Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:07 pm

Glad you enjoyed it!

Alright, let's see:

1) No, they do not. It's a good guess that they *would* do something, since as you say, they are in the first page of the editor. But that's just a historical quirk to when they were added to the game. The 'hammers' are actually supposed to be Tesla Coils (they were originally torches, until I decided to theme them a bit more electrically).

2) Yes, the Shocktopus is quite powerful. If he touched someone, I think cartoon rules would apply - we'd see their bones flickering, and they'd wind up with singed and smoking hair, but by the next camera angle they'd be all better again.

3) Hmm, spoiler tag seems to be broken, though I did manage to read your question -- so let me say - I like the idea of using their music, in theory there wouldn't be any weird licensing issues, which is nice --- and I see what you mean about the hitboxes. It's certainly not perfect

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