Trouble with saving/loading files.

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Trouble with saving/loading files.

Post by Astroman » Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:28 pm

Hey i have the full version but have a problem when i save a solarsystem and then try to load it again. If i load a file nothing is on screen, or sometimes it only adds the first object i made on the screen, all the other planets are gone. But they are still in the code of the saved file. How can i correctly load my files?
The examples that are already in the program do load correctly, only the ones i save don't load correctly.

Also, how can i name or change the name of the saved files?

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Re: Trouble with saving/loading files.

Post by testtubegames » Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:45 am

Let's see if I can help out here...

Starting with the (easier) second question - you set the name by adding an "n:" argument to the settings, like such:
_settings(gravity: r^(-2), x: 37.07583, y: -15.83333, n:The Astroman System);

For your first problem, I'm wondering if the simulation might be paused? If so, that would explain the first object appearing, and then nothing happening. If you press Spacebar it might resume and fix the issue. If that doesn't help - I'd love to take a look at your save code to test it out.

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