Level 18 and questions

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Level 18 and questions

Post by Erhannis » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:06 am

It seems to me that with the speed of light being 3 mph, the clocks closer to you should advance slightly before the ones farther away, yeah? Or were you suppressing that effect to highlight the time-dilation?

...Also, huh. I'm having a hard time distinguishing between the actual shrinking of time vs. like, moving into oncoming light thereby fast-forwarding through the oncoming information. Or is the latter even an actual thing?

...Also, wait. It's hard to tell exactly from the levels. Suppose you mark the board in tiles. Suppose light speed is 3 tps (tiles per second). Suppose further that you accelerate by 1tps/s for 4 seconds. You're not actually traveling at 4tps, but which, if any, of the following are true?
1. You look at your surroundings, and because of a combination of time-dilation and/or space dilation, it looks like 4 tiles are moving by every second (but are shrunk so perceived speed is less than light speed)?
2. You look at your surroundings, and things have shrunk, but less than 4 tiles are moving by every second (less than 3, even?).
3. If you look at your surroundings and assume that things have ACTUALLY shrunk, it still seems like you're going 4tps (I find this unlikely).
4. ...Something else?

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