Agent Higgs 2: Revenge of the Neutrinos

Agent Higgs is on the run, again. The problem is -- physicists now *know* he exists! After the discovery of the Higgs boson last summer, our Agent is going to have to hide better than ever. And he needs help, which is why he is turning to the Neutrinos. These ghost-like particles are the masters of hiding, being very difficult to detect. But will their help be enough to save Higgs this time?

In Chapter 2, Higgs must use all the neutrinos (and antineutrinos) to solve increasingly challenging puzzles. There are three different types of neutrinos, but they've been known to spontaneously change, so beware! Can you outwit the scientists *again* and hide Agent Higgs?

The full game, on iPhone, has over 100 levels, more particles, and more physics. Decays, electromagnetism, you name it. Check out the iPhone game here.


Click and swipe to move particles sailing across the screen. (You can't move Agent Higgs or crates.) Particles slide until they hit an obstacle. To win a level, get a particle to stop right over Agent Higgs.


February 2013: Released! Yay!